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German Orders (Various Reviews)

Before 1918 Germany was a country split up into several small states. These states with their sovereigns, dukes, princes and kings were awarding orders and medals for special occasions. The following are some examples of these orders.

 Military Merit Order 3rd class with Swords and Crown
Kingdom of Bavaria: military merit order, 
cross 3rd class with swords

 Guelphic Order Commanders Cross
Kingdom of Hanover: Guelphic-Order commanders cross 

 Order of Ludwig Knights Cross
Grand duchy Hessian-Darmstadt: Order of Ludwig knights cross 
(silver gilt, made at the end of the 1st world war)

 Order of the Crown 3rd class with swords
Kingdom of Prussia: Order of the crown 
cross 3rd class with swords


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The Anhalt House Order of Albrecht the Bear with Crown

Order of Ernestine 

The Princely House order of Ernestine


Order Decoration for Foreigners


The secret of the letter "E"


Home Front War Merit

Swords to the Orders and Medals of Saxe-Weimar during the First World War


One of Lippe's rarest orders


Tinsel Stars

The Hanoverian order of St. Georg


A rare Brunswick order


Swords under the Cross


von Linsingen

Ludwigs Order Knight Crosses

The Grand Cross with Crown of the Order of Philip the Magnanimous

The commander breast star with golden rays of the Order of Philip the Magnanimous


The Star of Brabant, Hess-Darmstadt


The "Kapitel"-decorations of the Oldenburg House Order


The Saxon Military St. Henry Order

Urkunden des Albrechts-Ordens 

The award documents for the Order of Albert - Kingdom of Saxony


The Smaller- or Honor Cross of the Saxony Order of Albert


The Order of Albert - 1.Model

The Saxon Albert Order with Swords on Ring

Manufacturers of the Albert Order

Saxe Meiningen: Life Savings Medal


Typology of the Pour le Mérite


The Godet made Pour le Mérite

General Lieutenant Baron Franz Carl Friedrich Ernst von Klüx July 16, 1776 - July 9, 1858

Pour le Mérite with oak leaf awarded to General von Quast

Prussian made Oak Leafs for the Red Eagle Order and Pour le Mérite


The Prussian Military Merit Cross


The Prussian Military Honor Medal 1st class




Eagle Design


Typology of the Red Eagle Order 3rd Class

The Red Eagle Order with crown and swords


The Red Eagle Order - the third class with bow and swords


The Red Eagle Order for Non-Christians


The last model of the Crown-Order-Medal


Silver gilt

  The Eagle of the Knights

The Prussian Court Hunting Badge

The Civil Order of the Bavarian Crown

The Bavarian Medal for Bravery


Imperial German Flight Badges

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