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Saxe - Meiningen: Life Savings Medal
Please note that this medal group was stolen in FedEx transit/or at the delivery point on May 3, 2010 in Moosburg, Germany. A FedEx investigation has not resulted in the location of this item. A complaint has been filed with the Police agency with jurisdiction:

Polizei Bayern
Polizeiinspektion Moosburg a.d.Isar
Leinbergerstraße 23
85368 Moosburg a.d.Isar

Telefon: 08761/7626-0
Telefax: 08761/7626-19

The complaint number is BY1109-002716-10/4

Should this group (or any of the unique components of it) surface on the collector's market, please notify me immediately. If in Germany, the police agency noted above may be contacted and the complaint number given as a reference.


February 28, 1903, a life savings medal was issued by Duke Georg von Sachsen-Meiningen for those being brave and firm enough to rescue somebody out of peril of death while endangering themselves. F. Beyreiß publishes after his own research in his book, "Rettungsmedaillen Deutscher Staaten 1782-1918", 2006, page 169 only 66 such incidences in-between 1903 and 1918. The very first bestowal took place July 28, 1903, the last one on September 28, 1918.


The medal was coined from silver and worn on a white ribbon framed with green stripes. the tooling was cut by Alois Börsch working for the Munich main coin office (Münchner Hauptmünzamt).


After F. Beyreiß only 71 examples were coined and delivered to the Saxe-Meiningen orders chancellery:


in the year pieces
1903 20
1906 20
1912 20
1916 5
1917 6


The following medal bar contains such a rare life savings medal on the fifth position:




The original bearer of the bar could not been identified so far. The bar itself represents in any case a very long carrier under several different regiemes. Due to the number of Saxe-Meiningen medals one has to asume that the recipient of all those awarded had to be a Meiningen native. The police long service cross from the III.Reich period and that Military Long Service Cross 1st class for NCO's and enlisted men puts light on the fact that he was part of the Gendarmes corps of the three Saxon  Ernestine duchies.


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